Photos of Aboriginal Bushtucker in the Northern Territory, Australia

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Aboriginal Bushtucker in the Northern Territory

For thousands of years Aboriginal people throughout Australia have lived by hunting and gathering various wild foods (also known as "bushtucker"). Recently non-Aboriginal people too have started to discover these fruits and vegetables. Tests have proved the nutritional value of these foods; many fruits are rich in vitamines, among other things.

Witchetty grubs
Cooking witchetty grubs
Wild watermelon
Eating a little bird
Honey from flowers
Catching a snake
Bush banana
Showing bush banana
Cooking bush bean
Getting bushberries
Collecting wild nuts
Collecting edible gum
Looking for edible gum
Pose with a goanna
Longneck tortoise
Getting bushtucker
Edible waterlilies
Collecting waterlily stems
Edible gum
Eating bush gum
Boys with waterlilies
Turtle eggs
Eating carpet snake
Butchering a possum
Cooking crabs
Collecting cockle-berries
Picking berries
Cooking small birds
Getting turtle eggs
Collecting oysters
Collecting turtle eggs
Spearing crabs
Caught stingray
A mud crab

Although there are now supermarkets in most Aboriginal communities, gathering bushtucker is still very popular, especially among children, who always know exactly when and where to go. These photos were taken in various communities in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Children especially love to get the wild fruits, like the stems of water lillies, tasting a bit like celery or various berries, like "pikiki", bushberries that may only be collected by throwing a rock against the tree. Some trees ooze an edible gum and in the desert regions witchetty grubs, the larvae of a large moth, are extracted from the roots of certain shrubs and lightly roasted.

In coastal regions gathering turtle eggs is a yearly treat and large crabs can be found in the mangroves. All these foods have excellent value. And what's more, they're free!