Photos of Aboriginal Children from Central Australia

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Aboriginal Children from Central Australia

Childhood in traditional Aboriginal communities is a time of learning and play, as everywhere else in the world. It is a safe place to grow up, with plenty of fresh air, nature to explore, small rivers and "billabongs" (small lakes) to swim in and bush foods to taste.

Playing with water
Warlpiri girls
Girl of Lajamanu
Throwing boomerang
Twin Brothers
Boomerang lesson
Boys eating
Throwing a spear
Brother and sister
Kids splashing
Children posing
Three Warlpiri boys
Reading books
Bike repair
Beating a drum
Playing in the creek
A wild duck
Eating watermelon
Four dusty boys
Two Warlpiri boys
Small Warlpiri boy
Eating a biscuit
Spear throwing
Boomerang boy
Boy with weeds
Boys with goanna
Fun with weeds
Covered with weeds
Two best friends
Two friends
Four Arrarnta girls
Boys from Ntaria
Small Arrarnta boys
Three boys
Boy reading a book
Bike gang
Boy with his bike
Fixing his bike
Four girls from Ntaria
Boy on a swing
Two young boys
Children at Red Sandhill
Girl  with an apple
Pintubi sisters
Boy with his bike
Eating an orange
Boy with balloon
Three Pintubi boys

These are children from the desert, the traditional communities of the Warlpiri, Arrarnta (or Arrernte) and Pintubi-Loritja peoples. As children everywhere, they are happy and friendly and thoroughly enjoy life in the bush.