Photos of Djarragun College Athletics and Sports, Australia

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Djarragun College Athletics and Sports

Australians are very keen on Sports and Athletics and the Indigenous people are no exception. Sports played a significant part in the students' lives at Djarragun College, a school for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Cairns, North Queensland in the decade when this was the top indigenous school. The College delivered Health and Physical Education programs for all grades, from Preschool through to Year 12. Students learned all about the benefits of leading an active and healthy lifestyle whilst developing teamwork, leadership, discipline, self-confidence, respect and specific motor skills within a variety of sports and activities.

Clearing the bar
The javelin
At High jump
Boys' high jump
Playing AFL
Javelin throw
Long jump
A good jump
Throwing the javelin
Boys' relay race
Handing over the baton
Djarragun College
Tackling an opponent
An AFL game
A mighty kick
Basketball game
Girls basketball
Touch Football
Girls' Touch football
A soccer game
Djarragun vs Yarrabah
Fight for the ball
Aussie Rules game
Playing Water polo
Gordonvale game
Kicking the ball
Rugby League match
Rugby tackle
High Jump
Athletics Day
Junior High Jump
Junior Athletics Day
Juniors running
Start foot race
A high jump

Each year an Athletics carnival was held where students of all grades competed in a wide variety of activities. All students were allocated a Sports House/Team to be a part of and collected points for their House. From these carnivals students were selected to represent Djarragun College at TCS (Trinity Coast South) events where they competed against other students from their region. Senior School students in the first semester were involved in the CISSA (Cairns Interschool Sports Association) competitions, playing AFL (Australian Football League), Football (Soccer), Touch Football, Volleyball and Basketball. Middle School students too played these sports, and Rugby League as well.

Primary students too played a variety of sports including Fun games, Game skills, Team building, Gym/movement, Swimming, Football (Soccer), Touch, Basketball, Handball, Cricket, Athletics and Cross-Country running. Friendly games between Djarragun College and nearby schools like Gordonvale Primary and Yarrabah School were very popular.