Photos of Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia

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Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and the third largest city of Australia, with a population of over 2 million people and a total area of almost 6,000 km², making it qua area one of the world's largest cities. Brisbane's commercial centre lies along the meandering Brisbane River, about 15 kilometres from the Pacific Ocean. The city is an important industrial and service centre with a busy port. Since the mid-1900s, many new industrial and residential areas have been built in the suburbs.

Queen Street
Ann Street
Brisbane City Hall
Uniting Church
Business centre
Bus conductors
Kodak building
Flying over suburbs
Brisbane River
View to the city centre
Around Brisbane River
Story Bridge
Petrie Tableau
Shopping Plaza
Nepalese pavilion
Nepalese sculpture
The swimming lagoon
View from Lagoon
City from South Bank
View to the CBD
Petrie Tableau
Brisbane City Hall
Roo sculptures
Grazing Roo

The British explorer John Oxley was the first European to reach the area of the Yuggera Aboriginal people, where Brisbane now stands, in 1823. A year later a prison settlement was established here by Sir Thomas Brisbane, the governor of New South Wales and the city that grew around it was later named after him. In 1839 the convicts were removed and three years later the area was opened to free settlers. In 1859 Brisbane became the capital of the colony of Queensland and the city has been steadily growing since then.

Brisbane is now a thoroughly modern city, its central business district dominated by steel and glass office towers, but with examples of earlier architecture still present among these. In 1988 the World Expo was held on the South Bank of the Brisbane river, as part of Australia's bicentennial celebration. After the fair all structures were dismantled, with the exception of the exquisite Nepalese pavilion and an attractive park was developed here, including a swimming lagoon.