Photos of children from the Torres Strait Islands, Australia

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Children from the Torres Strait Islands

Childhood in the Torres Strait may seem like one big holiday on a beautiful tropical island; life seems carefree and safe in these small islands. The kids are self sufficient at an early age and spend their free time roaming the beach, fishing, swimming and playing. But they are taught their language, songs and dances that are still important.

Islander kids
At the Church hall
Playing marbles
T.I. school children
Spear fishing
In T.I. Primary School
Working in class
Boy in class
Two small girls
Three friends
Happy faces
Boys of Mer
Girls of Mer
Darnley Island boy
Warraber girl
Islander kids
Boys from Yorke island
Boys from Saibai
Saibai kids
Fighter from Saibai
Dancing practice
Brother and sister
Cyclist from Boigu

All the islands have Primary schools, but for further education they will have to go further afield: to Thursday Island or further still, to schools in mainland Queensland where, apart from, mainstream schools, there are a number of boarding schools catering especially for indigenous students.

During the school holidays however they will usually come back to their home islands to resume once more a happy life with their beloved families on a beautiful tropical island.