Swazi children's portraits, Swaziland

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Swazi Children's Portraits

Children are always a great subject for the camera and the young faces of Swaziland are especially appealing. They love to have their photo taken and usually beam at the camera with a huge smile. Here are a few of them, in different moods but mostly happy! These youngsters are from the different districts in the country.

A small girl
Boy of Mbabane
Boy of Msunduza
Little boy of Msunduza
Young boy, Msunduza
Young boy
Young girl singing
Mbekelweni boy
Boy profile
Swazi girl
Boy with piercing
Boy wearing
Msunduza boy
Albino boy
Boy in Msunduza
Boy of Mangwaneni
Boy from Sidvwashini
A happy boy
School student
Girls with
Boy from Mbabane
Boy with soap
Herd boy
Happy boy
Boy from Gege
Boy of Mbekelweni
Boy in Mbabane
Boy near Piggs Peak
Girl of Nsangweni
Boy of Nsangweni
Mbabane boy
Boy from Mashobeni
Boy in Nhlangano
Girl in Nhlangano
Small boy of Mangwaneni
Happy student
School boy
Boy from Dlangeni
Boy of Makhosini
Boy of Mbekelweni
Junior school boy
Girl of Logoba
Boy of Logoba
Logoba boy
Year 1 boy

It includes a boy with albinism, a genetic defect in which the skin lacks pigment resulting in a white skin, white hair and very light eyes; albinos must stay out of the sun as much as possible and usually have poor eyesight. There is one boy of mixed race, usually indicated with the label "coloured", with roots in South Africa.

The other children include brothers and sisters, kids from town, small homesteads and the countryside, happy, friendly and independent.