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Videos of Swaziland

These scenes were recorded with an old 8 mm camera (without sound) in August and September 1973; sound, including my commentary, was added later from tape recordings I had made in previous years and later filmed from a screen with an analogue video camera. The image quality is therefore not great for which I apologise.

Welcome to Swaziland
uMhlanga Ceremony
Sibhaca Dancing
Independence Celebrations
iNtfwasa Ceremony Day 1
iNtfwasa Ceremony Day 2

There are some scenes from the country and Swaziland and from festivities that take place in August and September: the uMhlanga or Reed Dance, the Independence Celebrations (Swaziland was celebrating five years of independence) in Lobamba and traditional Sibhaca dancing at the Showgrounds in Manzini.

"Kuphotfulwa" or iNtfwasa graduation ceremonies for "tangoma" (witchdoctors) were held at LaMabuza's homestead in Bethany, central Swaziland. These are sights and sounds of the two-day ceremony.