Photos of Shiselweni District, Swaziland's South

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Flag of Swaziland

Shiselweni District, Swaziland's South

The Shiselweni District is the southern part of Swaziland and has a great variety of landscapes. It has the "Highveld", with mountains and the "Lowveld", the lower lying and generally drier country close to the South African border.

Main street, Hlatikulu
View to Hlatikulu
Mahamba Gorge
Main street, Nhlangano
Rural farms
Grand Valley and Mkondo
Homestead near Ebenezer
Lowveld near Hluti
Swazi homestead
Grand Valley Road
Traditional huts
Road near Mooihoek
View at Mbatshane
Western Shiselweni
Jacarandas, Nhlangano
Mkondo river flooded
Mkondo river bridge
Lake at Mhlosheni
Herding cattle
Southern Shiselweni
Mkondo valley
At Mahamba Gorge
Mahamba Gorge
Evening sky, Olakeni
In Mahamba Gorge
At Grand Valley
Nhlangano market
Selling vegetables
View near Sandleni
House in Nhlangano

The town of Hlatikulu in the "Highveld" sits at an altitude of 1210 metres above sea level. Also referred to as "kaHlatsi" (in the forest), Hlatikulu (meaning "large forest) is the highest town of the country and in the centre of the district. The "Grand Valley Road" goes downhill to the south, towards Nhlangano.

The Mkondo river, previously known by the Afrikaner name "Assegai" (Spear), flows through the district and squeezes itself through a beautiful gorge at Mahamba, right at the border with South Africa. Nearby is the town of Nhlangano, in colonial times known by its Afrikaner (Dutch) name of Goedgegun, a thriving little place with a good vegetable market and a boarding school, Evelyn Baring High School.

Further to the south east the country is the "Lowveld", the lower lying and drier country near the border with South Africa. There are small communities like Hluti and, at the far south eastern corner, Lavumisa. Formerly known as Gollel, it is just across from the South African town of Golela. This is a land of small farms, as is most of the country.