Photos of Science at Evelyn Baring High School, Swaziland

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Science at Evelyn Baring High School

Evelyn Baring High School in Nhlangano had two well equipped science laboratories, one for Physics and Chemistry and a separate one for Biology. Students from Form 2 onwards could choose those science subjects.

Chemistry experiment
Science lesson
Measuring liquid
Doing measurements
Form 4 students
Form 3 students
Chemistry exam
Chemistry experiment
Science exam
Testing for oxygen
Measuring reflection
Light reflection
Students at work
Measuring angles
Form 2B students
Form 3B at work
Measuring reflection
Practical work
Measuring reflection
Measuring securely
Students at work
Light reflection
Form 5 students
Form 5 practicum
Chemistry practicum
At a practicum
Chemistry experiment
Chemistry lesson
Form 3A students
Having an argument

The students would work towards their Junior Certificate when completing Form 3; Form 5 exams would be equivalent to Cambridge 'O' Levels. It could be tough for some students, and they would be very anxious whether they would succeed, especially as their family would have made financial sacrifices to send them to High School.

These photos show students at work in the Science lab, doing experiments in Physics and Chemistry during 1974 and 1975.