Photos of Evelyn Baring High School, Swaziland

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Evelyn Baring High School

Evelyn Baring High School in Nhlangano is a Government boarding school with excellent facilities, including wood- and metal workshops, well-equipped Science laboratories, a swimming pool and other sports facilities and many activities for the students. Its adjacent Primary school was also first class.

Dining Hall, EBHS
Boys singing
Students playing
Two school boys
Using a planer
Doing woodwork
Woodwork lesson
Using a saw
In the workshop
Primary school kids
Ready for class
Erecting goal post
Boy Scouts
Spray painting
Students and teacher
Polishing a hammer
Students at work
Doing metalwork
Form 1 students
Using a drill
Using a lathe
Playing draughts
Morning Assembly
School Assembly
Recording music
Hostel Assembly
Roll Call
Saying the
Junior boys

The school was co-educational but its boarding hostel was for boys only. There were two houses, Dickson for the Junior boys and Marwick for the Seniors. The Prefects, selected Senior students, would do the roll calls and generally make sure students were behaving, with a staff member to call upon only if they couldn't handle it. This worked very well. Some senior students would also organise junior boys into a scouting group, teach them songs and look after their welfare, virtually without adult supervision.

It was a happy place, the students appreciating the chance they had for a good education and organising their own activities in their spare time. These photos show what life was like at Evelyn Baring High School when the photographer was teaching science and looked after the pool there in 1974 and early 1975.