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Cultural videos of Samoa

Samoan culture is ingrained in the people and this is also the case for those living abroad. Dance has always been part of traditional ceremonies but also may happen spontaneously in any happy occasion.

Spirited Samoan dancing
Minoi Minoi
Malie Tagifa
Faataupati slap dance
Siva Naifi
'Ava cup dance
Siva Samoa Taupou
Siva Fa'afafine
Children's Fire Dance
Siva Afi: Fire Dance
Taualuga Ali'i Dance
Manu Samoa, Cairns
Siva Afi in Cairns
Fiafia in Saleapaga
Boys and girls dance
Samoan boys’ dance
Siva in Saleapaga
Boys’ performance
Cook Island style dance
“Fijian” dance, Samoa
Samoan Fire Dance
Final song and dance
Happy Samoan women

There can be a lot of humour in this too: the "fa'ataupati" or "slap dance", done by young men, consist of fierce slapping of the body, probably inspired by swatting mosquitoes on a warm night.

The Suluvale Samoa Culture and Performing Arts is based near Cairns, Australia and performs regularly. They have a large repertoire of Samoan song and dance, and they may demonstrate the most important Samoan ritual, the 'ava ceremony which normally takes place during important occasions. Children as well show their skills in dancing the "Siva", including the "Siva Afi", the fire dance, with fast juggling of torches burning at both ends.

A Fiafia is a happy get-together and may happen spontaneously or nowadays also be performed for tourists in the various resorts; there will be singing and dancing (siva), including the "Siva Afi", the fire dance. But also a group of women, in their meeting house where they weave the 'ie toga (fine mats) may be singing and break into impromptu dancing.