Photos of southern Savai'i and its dramatic coastline, Samoa

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Flag of Samoa

Southern Savai'i and its dramatic coastline

The south coast of the island of Savai'i has less reef than the north and as a result it has some dramatic coastline, like Cape Asuisui where the Alofa'aga blowholes shoot out great plumes of water as the waves force the water through narrow passages and out of holes on the surface of the rocky shore.

Large beach fales
Satuiatua church
Satuiatua beach
Satuiatua beach fale
Cape Asuisui
Walking along coast
Alofa'aga Blow Holes
School Sports Day
Playing Samoan cricket
Satuiatua Beach Resort
Satuiatua coast
Afu-A-Au waterfall
Tsunami warning
Local shop
Methodist monument
View to Mt Tafua
Mu Pagoa waterfall
School on Puleia
Bus driver
Coast in Salailua
Making fire
Aganoa Beach
Sunset, Aganoa Beach
Tafua Savai'i crater

There are waterfalls, like the picturesque Afu-A-Au waterfall with its cool pool and the impressive Mu Pagoa Falls, flowing straight into the sea in the village of Puleia and there is good surfing off Aganoa Beach on Tafua peninsula.

This part of Savai'i is quite sparsely populated and is quite different from the north coast with its beaches and tourist accommodation. But it has a great place to stay about halfway the south coast, in the village of Satuiatua, where the Satuiatua Beach Resort has large sturdy beach fales with big beds and even curtains. Food is great too and snorkelling off its beach is the best on Savai'i. And Aganoa Beach Resort near Tafua Peninsula is a bit more upmarket and popular with surfers.

Tafua Peninsula has a rainforest preserve and is in fact another extinct volcano. Very worthwhile is a trek through the jungle to the top of the Tafua Savai'i crater with its steep bare walls and flying foxes. It is a place that seems very far away in time and place.