Photos of southern Upolu island, Samoa

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Flag of Samoa

Southern Upolu island

The south coast of Upolu is without doubt the holiday playground of Samoa and has the greatest number of resorts along its beaches. And it is remarkable how this area has bounced back from the utter devastation caused by the earthquake of 29 September 2009 with its tsunami that caused huge damage and loss of life.

Lotofaga church
Lotofaga beach
Fale in Lotofaga
View to Nu'utele
Near Saleapaga
Cricket in Saleapaga
Weaving the 'ie toga
Village of Lepa
Return to Paradise beach
House in Falese'ela
Road to Falevai
Children of Falevai
Church near Faleletai
Cricket in Samatau
Fishermen with canoes
Faofao Beach Fales
Along Saleapaga beach
Fales on the beach
'Aga Reef Resort
View, 'Aga Reef Resort
Nu'utele island
Beach near Lalomanu
Beach near Faofao
View over Lepa village
Road from upper Lepa
New school of Saleapaga
New houses, Saleapaga
Church of Lotofaga
Matareva Resort coast
Bay at Matareva
Return to Paradise beach
To-Sua entrance
Coast, To-Sua
Coast at To-Sua
View, Seabreeze Resort

There used to be villages here with their simple open fales along the sea front, but after the tsunami many people have relocated up the hills behind their original villages. So the village of Saleapaga, which used to be strung along the coast, is now on higher ground and reached via a road that goes uphill near the village of Lepa, a few kilometres west; a new school has been built there as well.

Coastal Saleapaga now has a few simple places to stay, like Faofao Beach Fales, where you can stay in simple open fales on the beach, although it also has a few more substantial rooms. The stretch of beach towards Lalomanu, on the Aleipata coast in the east has numerous beach fale places like that and is ideal for swimming, snorkelling or just lazing around. There are also more upmarket places here, like the new 'Aga Reef Resort with its own little island.

Further east is, among others, the Seabreeze Resort on its own little bay and the To-Sua ocean trench, a favourite swimming spot on a spectacular stretch of coastline near the village of Lotofaga. Lefaga Bay is towards the western end of the south coast and nearby is a beach that received fame in 1953 as the location where the movie "Return to Paradise" starring Gary Cooper was filmed.