Photos of Ulithi Atoll, Yap State, Micronesia

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Ulithi Atoll

Ulithi Atoll is about 180 kilometres east of Yap and the highest-ranking of the outer islands in the complex Yapese caste system. The northernmost island, Mogmog (Mwagmwog in the Ulithian language) is the seat of the High Chief of the atoll. The other inhabited islands of the atoll, with their own chiefs, are Asor (Yasor), Falalop (Fl’ aalop) and Fassarai (Fedraey). Falalop, meaning “big island”, at the northeastern edge of Ulithi Atoll, has the main settlement, with an airport (originally built during the Second World War by the Japanese), store, a high school and a resort hotel, offering good diving on the coral reefs.

View of Ulithi atoll
View of Song island, Ulithi
View of Asor island, Ulithi
View of Falalop island, Ulithi
Falalop island airport, Ulithi
Falalop village, Ulithi
Boys of Falalop, Ulithi
Primary School veranda
Village road, Falalop, Ulithi
Village houses
Falalop beach
Repairing outrigger canoe
High School campus
High School campus
High School classroom
High School students
Teaching in Falalop, Ulithi
Students in Falalop, Ulithi
Teaching in Falalop, Ulithi
High School with students
View to  Asor from Falalop
Street, Falalop, Ulithi
Playing a keyboard
Village of Falalop
High School campus
Women with flower decorations
Father and son, Ulithi
Boat out of the water
Sunset across the lagoon
Man with young boys
Truck at the school
Climbing a coconut palm
Micro Spirit in the lagoon
View to Falalop, Ulithi
View to Falalop, Ulithi
Sunset over Ulithi atoll