Photos of Portaits of Micronesia, Micronesia

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Flag of Micronesia

Portaits of Micronesia

The people of Micronesia, young and old, they are all wonderful to meet and get to know. A very handsome people, from the widely scattered islands of this nation.

Kerick Benjamin
Fesain, Notwe and Emily
Little boy, Walung
Peson Likiak, Walung
Roselyne Likiak, Walung
Sra Smith-Kilifwakun
Johnston David Aloka
Laughing ladies
Rainer with sugar cane
John, Kilafwakun family
Johnston, Kilafwakun family
William Smith
Little boy, Sokehs island
Kain, boy from Poluwat
Steve Maras, who lived in the U.S.
Man of Magur
Boy with face painting, Onoun
Young boy from Onoun
Young boy from Onoun
Boy on the ferry
Man from Tonoas
Young girl from Sapun, Tonoas
Iris Kete
Kasinta Eiwer
Kasto Eiwer
Young boy with hair style
Boy from Tamatam
Young boy, Baleabaat'
Boy, traditional decoration
Young boy portrait
Tawalbu with statue
Peter Youngrelit, Ifalik
Joseph, Ifalik
Bernard, Ifalik
Boy with flower wreath
Young boy of Satawal