Photos of the Pattiw Islands of Chuuk State, Micronesia

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The Pattiw Islands

The Pattiw or Western Islands, around 250 kilometres west of Chuuk Lagoon, consist of the atolls of Pulap (or Pollap), Poluwat (or Puluwat, 36 kilometres to its southwest) and the small island of Pulusuk (Houk), 74 kilometres further south. Pulap atoll has two inhabited islets, Pulap and Tamatam and a total population of around 1200. Poluwat has one inhabited island with a small lagoon and two villages: Relong and Rewow, with a population of about 1000. The island of Alet (or Alei) still has the 40-metre high concrete lighthouse the Japanese built and other relics from the war.

Arriving at Pulap
Pulap from boat Fuun Metaw
Path to church, Pulap
Village path, Pulap
Pulap atoll lagoon
Children in Pulap atoll lagoon
Along the shore of Pulap
View to Pulap
Sailing canoe near Tamatam
View to Tamatam
View to Tamatam
Canoe from Tamatam
Ballot papers from Tamatam
Canoes from Tamatam
Girls from Tamatam in canoe
Canoes from Tamatam
Canoe in Pulowat lagoon
Outrigger canoe construction
Canoe and canoe house
Taro island in Relong
Mass in the Catholic church
After Mass in the Catholic church
Playing basketball, Relong
Derelict Japanese truck
Japanese lighthouse
Derelict Japanese truck
Traditional house
Girls at home
View from Rewow towards Relong
Rewow beach
Canoe on the beach
Playing basketball, Pulowat
Relong village, Pulowat
Dragging a canoe onto the beach
Old man in a canoe
View to Junior High School
Coast with palms, Rewow
Village view, Rewow
Lagoon, Pulowat atoll
View to Relong village, Pulowat
At the Catholic church
Bailing out a canoe
Lagoon, Pulowat atoll
View to Relong, Pulowat atoll
Pulowat lagoon from Relong
Iron house, Rewow
On board of the Toku
Leaving Pulowat