Photos of Children of Micronesia, Micronesia

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Flag of Micronesia

The children of Micronesia

Happy children on the islands, in school, at play and participating in traditional culture, on the main islands and the remote Outer Islands of Micronesia. Island life can be a lot of fun.

Boys on Leluh causeway
Alik peeling off coconut husk
Group of children, Walung
Jody with Elmer
Boys in Walung
Having fun with skateboard
Boys in the water
Johnston with Elmer
Rainer Kilafwakun
Rose Kilafwakun
Rose and other children
Girls from Tofol High School
Boys going fishing
Boys of Sokehs island
Happy boys of Sokehs island
Girls in the library
Young girls in the library
Boy in the library
Boys at Pohnpei SDA School
Boy in a red thu, Onari
Children posing on the beach, Onari
Boys in the canoe house. Onoun
Children of Soputiw
Young boys, Pulap
Young girl of Pulap
Two young boys in thu
Young boy with his rooster
Three young boys in thu
Kasinta Eiwer and Jack Moffat
Randy in his thu
Young boy on the boat
Girl weaving palm leaves
Boy eating bread
Manuel Siyow playing keyboard
Boys, traditional decoration
Three Yapese boys
Boy with flower lei, Ulithi
Young boys in lagoon
Twin boys from Falalop
Young boy in red thu
Young children on the beach
Girl chewing betelnut, Eauripik
Happy children, Woleai
Boys fixing bicycle, Woleai
Boys of Falalop, Ifalik
Boys in canoe house
Boys on the beach, Lamotrek
Boys on the beach, Satawal