Photos of Namonuito Atoll, Chuuk State, Micronesia

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Namonuito Atoll

Namonuito (Namonweito or Magur) atoll, lies about 170 kilometres northwest of Chuuk Lagoon and is the largest atoll of the Federated States of Micronesia. It is triangular in shape, with the islands of Onoun (formerly Ulul) at the western corner, Pisaras (Piserach) at the eastern corner, Magur at the north and Onari along the northeastern side. Onoun is the largest and most populated islet; the total land area of the atoll is 4.5 km², with a total population of around 1,300. The islands are serviced by a supply ship from Weno.

Wooden houses, Pisaras island
Thatch houses on Pisaras
Path to the canoe houses
Repairing an outrigger canoe
Beach and landing point
View to the “Microchief”
Sloop of the inter-island ship
Steve Maras collecting coconuts
Boys carrying supplies, Onari
Canoe house, Onari
Men playing basketball, Onari
Playing basketball, Onari
Women on the beach, Onari
Pushing the sloop into the sea
At a traditional house on Onari
Traditional house on Onari
View to the ship Microdawn, Onari
Children and the Microdawn, Onari
Children and the sloop, Onari
Water well on Magur
Boys playing ball, Magur
Path between houses, Magur
View to the sea, Magur
Boys in a canoe house, Magur
Traditional thatched house, Magur
On the beach, Onoun
Offloading the sloop, Onoun
Canoe house, Onoun
Canoe outrigger, Onoun
Traditional houses, Onoun
Boy getting coconuts, Onoun
Traditional house in the village, Onoun
Carrying pandanus fruit, Onoun
Boys in the canoe house, Onoun
Volleyball game on Onoun
Passengers on the sloop, Onoun