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Flag of Micronesia

The people of Micronesia

The ancestors of the people living in the Caroline Islands probably came from the Asian mainland, via Taiwan, the Philippines and even from Melanesia and Indonesia. The Micronesian languages spoken here belong to the Malayo-Polynesian language group, a subdivision of the Austronesian language families. The official language of the Federated States of Micronesia is English, but each State also recognises its local language. Although the modern world has well and truly arrived on the islands, traditional culture and island life is paramount, especially on the small outer islands as these photos show.

Sepe with Notwe
Kun Benjamin and family
Mersina combing Ruth's hair
Reeton and children
Jenny and Edison Likiak
Sra and Kosrae family
Margarina weaving a mat
Kilafwakun on a canoe
In the back of a utility
Preparation in a Sakau Bar
Pounding the sakau (kava) roots
Putting the sakau roots in hibiscus bark
Wringing the hibiscus bark
Filtering the sakau
Science class, CCM
Mother and her baby
Man with his little daughter, Onari
Woman carrying basket, Onoun
Young people with coconuts, Onoun
Father and son
Small ferry, Truk lagoon
Girls relaxing of Nukuno, Tonoas
Preparing breadfruit
Children in their Sunday best
Kete family
Sines Molly making coffee
Mau Piailug
Preparing breadfruit, Rewow
Mark and his daughter
Gracia Kauka with her children
Urutal Kauka with breadfruit
Kasto and the boys
Kasto and family
Mathematics lesson
Teaching, Junior High School class
Eating lunch, Pulowat
Carving the prow of a canoe
Man carrying breadfruit
Edward Hipour navigator
Teacher and students
Man from Tamatam in canoe
Playing cards
Man and raay stone coin
Weaving a lava-lava
Women with flower decorations
Man eating breadfruit, Sorol
Mareyal, Utagai, Woleai
Tawalbu with statue