Photos of Eastern Norway, Norway

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Flag of Norway

Eastern Norway

Eastern Norway, the geographical region of the south-eastern part of the country, is Norway’s most populous; it contains its capital, Oslo. In Norwegian, it is called Østlandet (in Bokmål) and Austlandet (in Nynorsk), “The east land”.

Lake Mjøsa, near Feiring
Garmo stavkyrkje, Maihaugen
Dragon head, Garmo stavkyrkje
In farmer's house, Maihaugen
Typical farmer's house, Maihaugen
Wooden houses, Maihaugen
Interior, Garmo stavkyrkje
Quiet street, Lillehammer
Lake Mjøsa, Lillehammer
View to Lillehammer, Lake Mjøsa
Valdres Folkemuseum, Fagernes
Slidrefjorden, near Valdres
Ryfoss, view to Slettefjell
Høre Stave Church, Ryfoss
Vangsmjøse near Øye
Waterfall near Skogstad
Fillefjell Pass
House, Fillefjell Pass
Between Fagernes and Valdresflya
Between Fagernes and Valdresflya
Vinstervatn lake
Valdresflya Pass
Traditional farm yard
View of Drivdalen

Lillehammer, along Lake Mjøsa, Norway’s largest lake, is about 170 kilometres north of Oslo. It boasts the open-air museum in Malhaugen, with close to 200 buildings and was founded by Anders Sandvig, who collected samples from old houses and farmyards. One hundred kilometres west of Lillehammer is another open-air museum, the Valdres Folkemuseum, in Fagernes, on Strondafjorden, a long fjord. Further north-west are more spectacular fjords and lakes and the Høre Stave Church in Ryfoss, initially built in the 12th century. There are high lakes, like on the Valdresflya Pass at 1389 metres above sea level.