Photos of the Helambu Trek, Nepal

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The Helambu Trek

The Helambu trek leads from the village of Sundarijal, 26 kilometres northeast of Kathmandu, through beautiful countryside and many communities to the Sherpa village of Tarke Ghyang. Along the way, there are many places to stay or stop for tea. The local people are friendly and hospitable, and accommodating foreign trekkers is a source of income in addition to their farming life.

Path to Sundarijal
Mother and her child
Vijaya Shrestha and family
Kathmandu Valley from Sundarijal
Girl and boy
Porters carrying heavy loads
Man selling tea
Farm house near Mulkharka
View to Kathmandu valley
Farm house with family
Woman and little daughter
Elderly woman
Boy chewing sugar cane
Houses, Borlang Bhanyjang
View from Borlang Bhanyjang
View to Mount Everest
View near Pati Bhanyjang
View with carriers
View to Pati Bhanyjang
Path to Thakani
View over Thakani
Terraces near Thakani
Village of Thakani
Village of Bhatache
Group of musicians
Mother and her children, Talamarang
View, Talamarang
Talamarang Bazaar
Along the Melamchi Khola
Farmer at work
Boy with bundle of straw
House near Mahankal
Crossing a river
House along the track
Young woman fetching water
Young girl and boy

From Sundarijal, the trail offers excellent views of the Kathmandu Valley. Then, it climbs to Borlang Bhanyjang, a pass at 2,348 metres above sea level. It continues to the villages of Thakani, Bhatache, and Talamarang Bazaar on the Melamchi-Helambu track.

Following the Melamchi Khola River, one passes the villages of Mahankal and Kiul. From there, the trail leads north to the Buddhist Sherpa villages, ending in Tarke Ghyang.