Portrait photos of Mongolia

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Flag of Mongolia

Portraits of Mongolia

The people of Mongolia are very friendly to foreign visitors and quite happy to have their photos taken, especially the children, as elsewhere in the world.

Mongolian boy
Man with “loovus”
Young horseman
Bactrian camel
Young Mongolian
Novice monk
“Mongol” tattoo
Flag tattoo
Little Buriad girl
Mongolian girl
Smiling girl
Young girl
Having breakfast
Khöömii “throat singing”
Boy with cap
Boy from Dalanzadgad
Dalanzadgad boy
Boy of South Gobi
Kazakh eagle hunter
Young Kazakh man
Young Kazakh boy
Young Kazakh girl
Kazakh eagle hunter
Kazakh woman

This is a selection of close up portraits from around the country, in the city, the countryside, at the Summer Camp of the Lotus Children’s Centre and at the Naadam and Altai Eagle Festival. Most of these portraits are from children, with some adults in traditional dress and, for contrast, even a camel.

All wonderful people, happy, cheerful and friendly.