Photos of Children of Mongolia

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Flag of Mongolia

Children of Mongolia

Mongolian children are like kids anywhere but hardened by the climate. They are encouraged to participate in traditional culture, as seen at the yearly Naadam festivals. Many children come dressed in traditional clothes and participate in horse racing - boys learn to handle horses at an early age and are talented jockeys. They also practice archery and Mongolian wrestling, and little boys may be dressed as real wrestlers. Both boys and girls learn to play the Morin Khuur, Mongolia’s national instrument, the fiddle with a carved horse head.

Electric car
Boy with camera
Little wrestler
Young horsemen
Riding a train
Quad bike ride
Mongolian archery
Young monk
Boy with Morin Khuur
Cheerful boys
Girl with Morin Khuur
Blowing bubbles
Traditional costumes
Little wrestler
Little Buryat girl
Toy cars photo
Boy jockey
Children on tank
Children posing
Taking a photo
Children relaxing
Girls playing
Two friends
Brushing teeth
Fetching water
Playing videogame
Washing up
Girl dance performance
Girl singing
Girl dance performance
Mongolian dance
Rap dance
Children's performance
Phallic rock
Playing ball
Boy and his horse
Boy on his horse
Boys on bikes
Boy on bike
Three young girls
Fetching water
Cutting firewood
Children in park
Girl at home
Young Kazakh boys
Young horseman
School girls, Ölgii
School boys, Ölgii

The Lotus Children’s Centre in Ulaanbaatar is a Non-Government Organisation helping orphaned children and employing young people who live in the orphanage. It was started in 1993 by an Australian yoga teacher, Didi Kalka, who was affected by the plight of street children and started helping them; this grew from caring for street kids to abandoned babies, and a Kindergarten was started in 1997. It evolved into a primary school, including a program for children with special needs. Each summer there are summer camps for the children. There is such a camp near Gachuurt, on the banks of the Tuul River. The children have a great time and perform a program of traditional dances. It is a beautiful organisation, and volunteers from all over the world may work there for a time.

The photos here give an idea of what it is like to grow up in Mongolia.