Photos of Darkhan-Uul Province, Mongolia

Darkhan-Uul Flag
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Darkhan-Uul Province

Darkhan-Uul (= Sacred Mountain) aimag is located in the north of the country. Darkhan was founded on 17 October 1961 as a second industrial centre to reduce the migration pressure on the capital Ulaanbaatar and is now Mongolia’s third-largest town. The province’s area is 3,275 km², with a population of around 92,000.

Horses in Darkhan
Apartment buildings
Buddha statue
Morin Khuur monument
Two new monuments
Ovoo in Darkhan
Shamanism in Darkhan
Shamanistic pole
Buddha statue
Buddha statue
New Buddhist site
Apartment buildings

There is an “Old Town” with large Soviet-style apartment buildings and a “New Town” in the south with most shops, hotels and restaurants. Near a roundabout between the two parts of Darkhan is a giant seated Buddha statue and a monument depicting a man on horseback, playing a “Morin Khuur”, the traditional horse head fiddle; a pedestrian bridge connects the two. On the hill are an ovoo, a shamanistic cairn made from rocks and shamanistic poles, blue “khadag” scarves symbolising the open sky and the sky spirit Tengger (Tengri) tied to them, overlooking both sides of the town.