Photos of Wando, South Jeolla Province, Korea

Jeollanam-do Flag
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Wando, South Jeolla Province

On the island with the same name on the southwest coast of Korea, the town of Wando, in Jeollanam-do (South Jeolla Province), is the southernmost town on the mainland. It has a harbour full of fishing ships and the shortest ferry ride to the island province of Jeju-do. Wan-do island is well connected with the mainland and adjacent Sinji-do via a high bridge. Just offshore the fishing harbour of Wando is the tiny island of Ju-do (Ju island), completely covered with an evergreen forest.

Fishing harbour, Wando
Dried fish, Wando
Ju-do island
Fishing boats
Nets and ropes
Nets and ropes
Ju-do island view
Ju-do and Wan-do
Wan-do to Sinji-do
Chuja archipelago
Port of Chuja
Port of Chuja

Between Wando and Jeju island is the Chuja archipelago, a group of 42 small rocky islands of which only Chuja-do, a group of four islands, is inhabited: Sangchuja-do (Higher Chuja island), connected by a bridge to Hachuja-do (Lower Chuja island), the largest by area, with the port of Chuja, served by the ferry between Jeju and the mainland; and the little islands of Chupo-do and Hoenggan-do. The Chuja Islands are not part of South Jeolla Province; Jeju City administers them.