Photos of Seongmo-do, Incheon Municipal Area, Korea

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Seongmo-do, Incheon Municipal Area

Seongmo-do is an island just to the west of Ganghwa Island, in the northwest of South Korea. A frequent ferry sails between the fishing village of Oepo-ri on Ganghwa-do to Seongmo-ri, the only town on Seongmo Island. The most notable site on Seongmo-do is Bomunsa, a temple allegedly constructed on command of Queen Seondeok during the Silla Era in 635 CE.

Village of Seongmo-ri
Village of Seongmo-ri
Bell pavillion, Bomunsa
Bronze bell of Bomunsa
Main hall of Bomunsa
Buddha statues, Bomunsa
pagoda, Bomunsa
Monk statue, Bomunsa
Monk statues
300 stone monks
Seokgulamja, Bomunsa
Grotto of Bomunsa
Grinding stone, Bomunsa
Dragon carvings, Bomunsa
Reclining Buddha, Bomunsa
Stele, Bomunsa
Lanterns and dragons
View from Seongmo-do
God of Mercy carving
At the God of Mercy
God of Mercy carving
View of the west coast
Roof line, Bomunsa
Ferry from Seongmo-do

It is a most spectacular temple, with a splendid main hall and a curious display of hundreds of carved stone monks seated in what seems like a “stadium”, looking at a sizeable sculpted marble pagoda on a plaza. The famous Grotto of Bomunsa, initially built in 635, was reconstructed in 1812; a natural cave contains a chamber for an image of the Buddha and other Buddhist figures.

A steep climb behind the temple of Bomunsa leads to Ma-aeseokbuljwasang, the image of the Buddhist God of Mercy, 10 metres high and many centuries old, carved on a rock at Mount Nakga, (“Eyebrow Rock”). It was sculpted by the chief priests of Bomunsa, Lee Hwa-eung and Bae Seon-ju. Many people come here to pray. The view from here, over the western shore of the island of Seongmo-do, is spectacular.