Photos of Italy’s North West

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Flag of Italy

Italy’s North West

The northwestern corner of Italy, south of the Swiss Alps, offers great variety, beautiful landscapes with picturesque lakes, villages and grand cities. There are hiking and skiing possibilities in the mountains and swimming and boating possibilities on the lakes.

Town square, Lodi
Boys from Lodi
Church, Capino Bergamasco
Lombardy landscape
Lake Como
Abarth 1000 Record
Abarth 1000 Monoposto
Po river, Turin
In Orta San Giulio
View to San Giulio
Piazza Mario Motta
San Giulio from Via Fava
Along Lake Orta
Vila Crespi
Minaret, Via Crespi
View from
Statues, Sacro Monte
St. Francis and Pope
Overlooking Orta
Narrow street, Orta
Isola di San Giulio
San Giulio island street
View to Alzo
View from San Giulio
Well on San Giulio
Piazza Ing. Mario Motta
Santa Maria Assunta Church
Along Salita della Motta
View from Sacro Monte
Sacro Monte chapels
From San Nicolao
Lake Orta east shore
Via Crespi view
San Giulio from road
To Orta Centro
Via Giacomo Giovanetti

Lombardia (Lombardy) was named after a Germanic tribe (Langobards or Lombards) who inherited it from barbarians who had wrested it from the Roman Empire. It became a pawn of Europe’s powerful families and suffered invasion from Venetians, Austrians and Napoleon’s French. Its capital, Milano (Milan), is a business and financial centre and, after Rome, Italy’s largest city. But to its north are the beautiful landscapes along the Swiss border, with its lakes: Lake Maggiore, Como, Iseo and Garda, popular with holidaymakers.

Piemonte’s capital, Torino (Turin), the centre of the House of Savoy, which ruled the region from the early 11th Century and became the Royal family of a united Italy, made the city briefly its capital. It is an industrial centre: the automobile company Fiat is based here, among others. The region also produces some of the best red wines and grows a large proportion of Italy’s rice. In the foothills of the Alps, and just to the west of majestic Lago Maggiore, is the small and picturesque Lake Orta, with its wonderful town and San Giulio island opposite.