Photos of Around Albany, the first colonial settlement in Western Australia, Australia

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Around Albany, the first colonial settlement in Western Australia

At the southern tip of Western Australia, Albany (Kinjarling to the Noogar (Nyungar) Aboriginal people) is a port city. It was founded in 1826, making it the oldest colonial settlement in the west: Perth and Fremantle are over two years younger. It is an attractive city with many heritage buildings and great views from Mount Melville (Kardarup). The Museum of the Great Southern is worth visiting, with stories of the Menang Noongar people and the region’s unique landscapes, flora and fauna.

Peels Place, Albany
Peels Place, York Street
Museum of the Great Southern
View over Albany
View over Shoal Bay
View to Albany
Albany Railway Station & Entertainment Centre
Stirling Terrace, Albany
Stirling Terrace, Albany
Princess Royal Fortress Military Museum
Sculpture, ANZAC Centre
King George's Sound, Albany
Princess Royal Harbour, Albany
Desert Mounted Corps Memorial
View, Padre White Lookout
Cable Beach, Torndirrup NP
Rocky coast, Torndirrup NP
The Gap, Torndirrup NP
Natural Bridge, Torndirrup NP
Blowholes, Torndirrup NP
Salmon Beach, Torndirrup NP
Whaling Ship
Harpoon, Whaling Ship
Whaling Ship
Machinery, Albany's Whaling Station
Steam engine, Albany's Whaling Station
Engraved whale jawbone
Engraved whale jawbone
Sperm whale skeleton
Pygmy Blue whale skeleton
Humpback whale skeleton
White kangaroo
Stony Hill, Torndirrup NP
View from Stony Hill, Torndirrup NP
View to Vancouver Peninsula
View to Albany

Albany was the last port of call for troopships departing in the First World War with ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) personnel. On 1 November 2014, the National ANZAC Centre was established on Mount Clarence, overlooking King George Sound, commemorating 100 years since the first ANZAC troops departed from there. Here is also the Princess Royal Fortress Military Museum and various memorials.

Ten kilometres south of the city, on the peninsula’s south coast across Shoal Bay, is Torndirrup National Park, with spectacular coastal views of the Gap, Natural Bridge, and blowholes. Albany’s Historic Whaling Station is on the north coast, with an intact whale processing factory, a whale-chasing ship, and colossal whale skeletons. Nearby is the Australian Wildlife Park.