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Portraits of West-Papua

The people of West-Papua are friendly and happy to have their photo taken, men, women and children; they are proud of their culture and certainly not camera shy. In the highlands the Dani people often grease their faces and bodies with pig fat and soot, for warmth and may wear ornamentation like shell necklaces, string hair nets and sometimes feathers from birds of paradise.

Dani man portrait
Elderly Dani man
Dani girl portrait
Man with headdress
Portrait Dani boy
Dani with pig fat
Friendly Dani man
Happy Dani boy
Little Dani girl
Young Dani boy
Young man, Wakatu
Man of Hitigima
Dani man, pig grease
Woman of Enarotali
Hospital nurse
Man with arrows
Man with bow
Elderly woman
Elderly man
Man with string net
Smoking sideways
Man from Biak
Girl from Biak
Boy of Biak
Boy at Mokmer beach
Girl of Manokwari
Manokwari girl
Girl of Sorong
Papua boy, Kaimana
Man of Kaimana

The faces of the interior are mainly ethnic Papuan tribes, while on the coast there a mixture of Papuans, Melanesians and Austronesian groups, including Indonesians; a great deal of intermarriage has taken place in the coastal regions, where migrants have also settled, a result of Indonesia's "Transmigrasi" policy.