Photos of Enarotali - centre of Ekari country, West-Papua

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Enarotali - centre of Ekari country

Enarotali is the administrative centre of the Paniai district, on Lake Paniai, the largest of what were called the "Wisselmeren" during the Dutch administration. It was established in 1938 by Jan van Eechoud, who after the war became the acting governor of Netherlands New Guinea. There is an airfield and a Franciscan mission with a hospital and a very well attended church although the local Mee (also called Ekari, Ekagi or Kapauku, although the latter term is now considered offensive) and other tribal groups keep their customs.

In Enarotali village
View to Lake Paniai
Boys of Enarotali
Little girls, Enarotali
View to Lake Paniai
Enarotali from airstrip
Village road
Small church, Enarotali
At the shops
Tokos and Pasar
Girls at the Pasar
Cigarette smoking
Uniform and tradition
Mother and baby
Moni people
Playing mouth harp
The Camp, Enarotali
Children at the camp
Hospital, Enarotali
Sr. Jansen and Guus
Easter meal
Enarotali Easter Mass
Women at Mass
Leading the singing

In April 1969 the local Ekari people, under the oppressive Indonesian administration, requested that the District Commissioner and all Javanese officials be removed; ninety-five armed Papuan police defected. The Indonesian officials were driven from their posts in Enarotali, the West Papuan flag raised, airstrips occupied and the revolt of tribes people around Waghete and Enarotali lasted for months until put down by the Indonesian army.

But for the tourist Enarotali is a lovely place to stay with great views of the lake and good walks in the surroundings and friendly Papuan people.