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On the road in Ethiopia

The road leading east from Ethiopia’s capital of Addis Ababa winds through a fairly dry landscape of the Oromia and Afar Region, with scattered farms and small towns and villages like Adama (or Nazareth), Awash and Asbe Teferi towards the mainly Muslim city of Harar. Life is quite tough out here, and you see young boys herding camels and women and children working in the fields. But as everywhere, people are friendly; they belong to various tribal groups, often distinguished by their dress.

Over Abijatta-Shalla NP
Transport in Adama (Nazret)
Along Addis-Awash road
Family village
Herding cattle
Bolting camels
Awash river
Mosque, Awash
Village near Awash
Women of Asbe Teferi
Two brothers
Friendly man
In Asbe Teferi
Farm near Kulubi
Galetti river valley
On a farm, Kulubi
Farm woman
Children on a farm
Road to Bahir Dar
Mountain road
Near Gohatsion
Blue Nile bridge
Abbai, Blue Nile
Dejen bus stop
Village of Dejen
Village boys
In Debre Markos
Bure bus stop
Mountain village
Tekeze Gorge
West of Lalibela
Over northern Amhara
Northern Amhara
Southern Tigray
Mountains of Tigray
Northern Tigray

Bahir Dar is an attractive town on the southern shores of Lake Tana, about 566 kilometres from Addis Ababa or a long drive of two days. The road enters East Gojjam via a bridge over the Blue Nile Gorge and, via Debre Markos and the village of Bure, leads towards Bahir Dar.

Flying between Bahir Dar, Lalibela, and Aksum reveal the spectacular and forbidding mountain landscapes of the Awash and Tigray regions; but everywhere are small isolated homesteads where people live as they have done for centuries.