Photos of Bolivia's far south, Bolivia

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Bolivia's far south

The small border town of Villazón is the main crossing from La Quiaca in Argentina across the Villazón river into Bolivia. From there, the road leads north towards Potosí, the capital of the Department with the same name.

Children of Villazón
View of Villazon
View over Tupiza
Railroad in Palala, Tupiza
Quebrada de Palala, Tupiza
Quebrada de Palala
Cacti, Quebrada de Palala
School class, Palala
School kids, Palala
School near Tupiza
Cathedral of Tupiza
Near to Quebrada Seca
Road to Quebrada Seca
Woman of Tupiza
Tupiza panorama
Tupiza viewpoint
Children of Tupiza
Street market in Tupiza
Tupiza bus station
Young food seller
Near Cotagaita
Cotagaita village
Between Cotagaita and Vitiche
River crossing, Vitiche

The road leads through Tupiza, a friendly town and capital of the Sud Chichas Province within the Potosí Department, at around 3,160 metres with a population of about 23,000. It is an attractive place along the Río Tupiza with plenty of opportunities for hikes in the countryside or up the hill at Corazón de Jésus for a view of the town.

Around the town of Tupiza are landscapes characterised by dramatic red escarpments with strange rock formations: the quebradas, normally dry but susceptible to flash flood runoff from sudden cloudbursts.

An excellent 5 kilometres hike is the walk into Quebrada de Palala with its jagged rock formations and cacti. Further afield, about 10 kilometres, is the appropriately named Quebrada Seca (= dry) with great views. From Tupiza, the road continues north, past small villages and across rivers, leading to Potosí at over 4,000 metres above sea level.