Photos from Afghanistan

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Flag of Afghanistan

On the road in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a fascinating and magnificent country of barren deserts, soaring mountains, a harsh and unforgiving place but with a beauty all its own. There are ancient towns and villages of adobe bricks, crumbling forts of a bygone age, ruins attesting to the many battles fought on its soil, but also richly decorated mosques that form a focus of this profoundly religious Muslim society.

Afghan bus travel
Relaxing near Herat
Village of Adraskan
Afghan truck
Adraskan village
A small cemetery
Farahrud village
Winnowing grain
Afternoon prayers
Kholm village
Mountain scenery
Near Samangan
Near Pul-e-Khumri
Along the road
Near Pul-e-Khumri
Road to the Hindu Kush
Mountain hotel
Hindu Kush near Salang
Mountain village
Near the Salang Tunnel
Village, Hindu Kush
Above the Hindu Kush

Travelling in this fantastic country is an unforgettable experience, but not always a safe one as banditry is a problem in some areas, especially after the recent wars when lawlessness was the norm among different factions.

However, back in 1973, when these photos were taken, it was still relatively safe and easy to get around by local buses, a great way to enjoy the scenery and meet the Afghan people.