Photos of Children of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan

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Flag of Uzbekistan

Children of Uzbekistan

Happy faces of the children of Uzbekistan, having fun, playing games, learning woodwork and happily posing for the photographer. They are open and friendly to the visitor and show to be independent and enterprising at an early age.

Dodgem cars, Alisher Navoi Park
Driving a BMW, Alisher Navoi Park
Posing after swimming
Playing with a chess game
Children of Qo'ng'irot
Children, Toopaq Ata
Boy, Toopaq Ata
Children of Nukus
Young woodcarvers
Boy and woman, Khiva
Children of Khiva
Young girl of Khiva
Young boys of Khiva
Playing in the park
Playing in the park
Two young boys, Khiva
Boys playing cards
Boy eating noodles
Girls in the old town
Boys in the old town
Riding small electric cars
Happy children, Kokand
Five little boys, Kokand
Boy and his duck, Marg'ilon