Photos of Sindh Province, southeast Pakistan

Flag of Sindh
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Sindh Province, southeast Pakistan

In the southeast of Pakistan, Sindh Province is the homeland of the Sindhi people, speaking their own Indo-Aryan language that is, besides Urdu, Sindh’s official language. Before Partition in 1947, 25% of Sindhis were Hindus, but they almost all migrated to India and, although now nearly all are Muslim, Sindh has Pakistan’s highest percentage of Hindu residents, 8.5%. The province’s name is derived from the Sanskrit “Sindhu”, meaning “river”, referring to the Indus river.

Bazaar of Karachi
Busy street, Karachi
Street corner, Karachi
Selling vegetables, Karachi
Selling vegetables, Karachi
Crowds in the bazaar, Karachi
Apartments near the harbour, Karachi
Zaibun Nisa Street, Karachi
Scooter taxi driver
New houses and poor homes
Making “Jalebi” sweets
Selling “Jalebi” sweets
Karachi harbour
Crew of the boat
Sailing boat
Boy with crab
Showing a sea eel
Fishing for crabs
Boys eating crabs
Sea turtle, Sandspit beach
Cactus plants, semidesert
Sindhi hunter with a gun
Hunting party
Hunting party
In the town of Gharo
Dekarolo village
Happy Sindhi man
Two Sindhi men
Sindhi men
Women fetching water
Cirls with cattle
Man with cattle
Farmer's house
Sindhi men

Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan with a population of almost 15 million, was, as is claimed, founded as a fortified village in 1729 by a brave woman, Mai Kolachi. It was named Kolachi-jo-Goth, and that named, corrupted and shortened to “Karachi” by Dutch sailors in 1742, stuck. Karachi was first selected as the nation’s capital upon Pakistan’s independence until that function moved to Rawalpindi in 1958; it remained Sindh Province’s provincial capital. Karachi is Pakistan’s industrial and financial centre and has the nation’s two commercial seaports. Its population is the nation’s most diverse, ethnically and religiously.