Photos of Eastern Lesotho

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Flag of Lesotho

Eastern Lesotho

Qacha’s Nek in the east of Lesotho is a district of 2,349 km² and with a population of around 110,000. The border town of Qacha’s Nek is the capital or “Camptown” and the only town in the district.

Qacha’s Nek border
Senqu river valley
View to Mpiti
Woman and girls
Qanya river
Children of Mpiti
Large mouthed man
The 'Mokhibo' dance
Basotho men
Village of Liqhoheng
Children of Liqhoheng
Playing boys

There is a road leading to Quthing from here, past small villages, like Mpiti; it follows the Senqu river, still, a small stream here; the Qanya river is a small tributary. The mountain village of Liqhoheng with its round stone thatched houses overlooks Mpiti, a friendly place, like all Basotho villages.