Photos of Maralal and Samburu County, Kenya

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Maralal and Samburu County

The Samburu county is in the northern Great Rift Valley and is named after the Samburu people, a sub-tribe of the Maasai, who speak their distinct dialect of the Maa language. They are a very traditional semi-nomadic people.

Samburu girl
Samburu girls
Small Samburu girls
Maralal town
Samburu women
Samburu man
Maralal town
Turkana boys
Turkana village
Turkana children
In a Turkana village
Family photo
Samburu grandmother
Samburu children
Samburu “boma”
Inside Samburu hut
Samburu village
Samburu woman
Men play
Samburu chief
Turkana village
Young Samburu men
Maralal street
Maralal shop
In Maralal town
Turkana men
Maralal shop
Samburu young men
Samburu village
Samburu 'boma'
Turkana village
Between Maralal and Wamba
Town of Wamba
Samburu boy and girl

Maralal is a small town and the capital of Samburu county. Traditional villages of the Samburu people and the Turkana, a Nilotic people, are nearby. Their traditional lands are towards Lake Turkana, formerly known as Lake Rudolf.

A road with some spectacular views leads 110 kilometres east to the small town of Wamba, in the east of Samburu County.