Photos of Albanian Culture, Kosovo

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Flag of Kosovo

Albanian Culture

The majority of Kosovar people are ethnic Shqiptar or Albanian, as a result of many centuries of Ottoman rule. The present borders were imposed by outside powers, with as a result Albanian speakers now live in Albania, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia and parts of Serbia and Montenegro.

Albanian dress from P�rmet
National Albanian costume
Old Prizren painting
Painting �Bes�lidhja�
Painting �Ramadan Zaskoci�
Painting �Drejt Vlor�s Historike�
Ethnographic museum, Peja
Kitchenware, museum
Traditional Albanian dress
Albanian dress, Peja
Antique weapons
Weaving implements

The Ethnological Museum in Prizren is situated behind the restored Albanian League of Prizren building. It displays National Albanian costumes from both Albania and Kosovo and paintings of depicting events in the Albanian struggle for self-determination, among others.

Tahir Begu's Konak's residence is an excellent example of 19th-century Turkish architecture in Peja. It is the Ethnographic Museum and shows what the house looked like inside, with its carpets, furniture, and fittings. It also displays traditional costumes, weapons, and many other items.