Photos of Msunduza, the township above Mbabane, Swaziland

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Msunduza, the township above Mbabane

The township of Msunduza, or, commonly referred to as the "Location", is situated in the hills that forms the backdrop of Mbabane. It has grown as a result of people flocking to the capital and, as employment is hard to get, had its share of petty crime and was not considered the safest place to wander around, especially at night.

Children of Msunduza
Family of Msunduza
Man with his bike
Market in Msunduza
Mud brick house
Doing the cooking
Road to Kopola
Riding horses
Women fetching water
Oxen-pulled sledge
Rural homes
Mixing dress
Mud brick houses
View to Mncilitsini
View from Corporation
House in Mncilitsini
View in Kopola
Msunduza Location
Shop in Msunduza
House, Msunduza
Huts in Madwaleni
Fetching water
In Madwaleni
Small shop
African Jive
Fetching water
Family compound
Outskirts of Msunduza
View at Mncilitsini
Rural Msunduza
House in Kopola

Having said that, it is a lively neighbourhood, where people live their lives basically in rural fashion. Houses are mainly built of mud bricks, there are small family run shops and "shebeens" where home-brewed maize beer, known as "tjwala", can be bought and people dance outside to the sound of "umgqashiyo" or "mbaqanga", South African Jive music, blaring from speakers.

The area overlooking Mbabane is known as "Sigombe lesimhlophe" meaning "White Location", referring to the fact there is street lighting and hence the safest part of the township; behind this, overlooking the hills away from town is "Sigombe lesimnyama", the "Black Location". It continues further on to what basically are rural kraals, like Mncilitsini, Kopola and, further on, Dlangeni.