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The world is a marvellous place and I have been privileged to live, work and travel in many of its countries, seeing some incredible sights and meeting wonderful people.

Looking at the tens of thousands of photos I have of these places I thought I should share with the rest of the world some of the sights seen and events experienced during almost 50 years of travel.

The more than 10,000 photos on this site, however, is only a small selection of the world as I've experienced it over those years; some places visited recently, but others many years ago, showing what it used to be like over there; each photo shows the date it was taken.

Apart from photos and some cultural videos, we also showcase the development of National and Regional flags, as this reveals a lot about the country and its history.

This site was originally only about AUSTRALIA, especially its OUTBACK - hence the name OzOutback:
the largest number of photos and videos here is still from Australia.

Ludo Kuipers,
Cairns, Queensland, Australia


All images may be sent as a FREE Digital Postcard to friends next door or around the world. Most photos are for sale as high-resolution files for private use and publication.

Corbis images

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Photographers Direct

A searchable database of many more photos.


Videos showcasing the countries' culture are on this site and on our YouTube Channel, with over 500 videos of many more countries.

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