Photos of children of the United Arab Emirates

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Flag of the United Arab Emirates

Children of the Emirates

Emirati children are of course not that different from children the world over but it is obvious to the visitor they have internalised from an early age the Arab virtues of politeness and hospitality towards strangers. What is also really striking is how the boys manage to keep their traditional white "dishdasha" or "thobe", the long sleeved ankle-length garment they traditionally wear, so spotlessly clean.

Boys of Mezaira'a
Boys of Sharjah
Boy eating chips
Horse riding, Khor Fakkan
Boy at Children's Farm
Young Emirati
Small boy of Hatta
Young girl, Abu Dhabi
Sitting on the floor
Preschool children
At the computers
Computers in preschool
Schoolkids, Abu Dhabi
Kindergarten girls playing
Making music
Children in classroom
Preschoolers, Abu Dhabi
Small boys of Abu Dhabi
Traditional dance
Al Bawadi Model School
Knowing the answer
Boy at his desk
Boys in their classroom
Working with computers
Al Bawadi School uniform
Computer work
Playing a xylophone
Boys at work
Playing accordeon
Boys singing
Boys in a music lesson
Boys with clay pots
Painting clay pots
Clay pot painting
Boys of Abu Dhabi
School boy, Al Ain

Nowadays the schools in the Emirates are completely up to date and children in traditional Arab dress (their school uniform) can be seen at computers, symbolising how the traditional and the new can live side by side in contemporary Arabia. Boys and girls are taught together at preschool level, but here are no co-educational primary or secondary public schools; boys and girls are taught separately. There are however, some private schools that admit both boys and girls, especially the international schools. Primary education is compulsory from the age of 5.