Photos of Visserijdagen, a Festival in Harlingen, the Netherlands

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Visserijdagen, a Festival in Harlingen

Friesland's port city of Harlingen is the scene of the "Visserijdagen" (Fishery days), held yearly for four days at the end of August. It is a celebration of what Harlingen represents, a festival of old crafts, boats, music, Frisian folklore and just having a good time.

Street parade
Children marching past
Kids in red and white
Martial arts, Harlingen
Sweet stall, Harlingen
Open air chess
Ice cream and fish stalls
“The Arrows” perform
Stedelijke Harmonie
Street musician
Joy ride
Frisian sailing boat
Model boat
Pillow fight over water
Open air café
Vintage boats
Botter skipper
Traditional boats
In the Noorderhaven
Boats in the Noorderhaven
Along the Noorderhaven

The festival attracts around 200,000 people who enjoy demonstrations about the fishing profession as it was done in the past, with music- and dance performances by local and non-local groups. There are street markets, fashion shows and "ringrijden", which involves couples in rich Frisian costumes riding two-wheeled, beautifully decorated buggies pulled by black Frisian horses; there is a fair, a boat race involving home-made model boats made from wooden shoes, an impressive parade of wooden boats and a display of fireworks at the end.

Most of these activities happen in the old city of Harlingen. Some music and theatrical performances take place indoors, in Studio Trebol theatre and there is a concert in the Dutch Reformed Church. There is a shanty festival with old songs about the sea, an open day in the Fish Auction hall and a chance to take a ride on a fishing ship. There is something for everyone and a great time is had by all.